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Women Entrepreneurs

Using Technology to Improve Healthcare Service in Nigeria

Sun 26th Nov 2017

Technology has helped bridge gaps in the healthcare industry in developed and developing nations. Advancements in information gathering, research, treatment, and communication have given medical providers new tools to work and new ways of medical. As technology improves by the day, new developments are constantly infiltrating our lives - from the way we shop, communicate with friends, do our jobs to the way we travel, the impact of technology is being felt in everything. Given this current trends, health practitioners in Nigeria will do well to tap into the benefits of information technology to change the face of medical practice in the country. In this episode, our focus is on the Health Sector and my guests are Dr. Adeniyi Osamuluyi , founder/CEO of Premier Systems and Dr.(Mrs) Oluwatosin Osikoya, Business Manager of Levande Healthcare Company. We shall be discussing the use of technology to improve health¬¬¬care delivery in Nigeria. Welcome to The Economy and You powered by First Bank of Nigeria in association with Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan- Atlantic University. My name is Olawale Ajiboye , welcome to the program, Dr. Osamuluyi and Dr .( Mrs ) Osikoya,.


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  • Using Technology to Improve Healthcare Service in Nigeria