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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Abiodun Afolabi (SB Telecoms and Devices)

Fri 12th Feb 2016

This week on enterprise stories, we feature the story of Mr. Abiodun Afolabi, CEO SB Telecoms &Devices Limited who started a business selling recharge cards and scaled to a full-fledged ICT business, but how did he make the transition? Abiodun always had an entrepreneurial spirit, while in secondary school he would accompany his mother and grandmother to their store in Idumota during holidays. He started developing interest in business and soon teamed up with some of his friends to startup Admiral Entertainment. They used the platform to organise debates, quiz competitions and carnivals in Surulere area of Lagos. These experiences inspired Abiodun and he decided never to work for anyone. In 2001, when the GSM revolution started in Nigeria, Abiodun got fascinated and soon started a business in recharge card sales, like many first time entrepreneurs he soon got burnt and lost money. The experience of losing money he got from family members left Abiodun an even more passionate entrepreneur. He picked up the pieces and transformed the business a 100percent. Today, Abiodun Afolabi employs over 60 people and has participated in several exhibitions and fairs in and out of the country. He is currently shaping the biometrics and security devices space in Nigeria. What led to the transformation of the business after a huge loss? Tune in this Tuesday, February 9, 2016 to Inspiration 92.3 FM or log on to edcradioonline.com at 3:00pm and listen to Abiodun Afolabi tell the story of how he started SB Telecoms & Devices Limited despite the set back he faced.


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