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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Funkola Odeleye & Odunoluwa Longe, (DIYLaw)

Fri 19th Feb 2016

Enterprise Stories this week features the innovation of two ladies, who set out to make a difference in the legal business using technology. Odunoluwa and Funkola worked together in the legal department of an investment bank, they would often share ideas and rub minds on services they could offer potential clients. Within a short period, Odunoluwa registered Longe practice and Funkola soon joined her in the business. The practice was doing well, and a good number of their clients were small business owners just like them, they got really involved with the clients as they also shared the frustrations of a startup. They figured there had to be a better way to do this and with their technology partner they established DIY LAW. Today, on the DIY LAW web portal you can get company and business name registration, processing of VAT and TIN numbers, basically all that you need to start up a business legally in Nigeria. They competed and were runner ups in the Innovation in justice Challenge and more recently a grant by Institute for Internalization of Law in Hague.

This is live show scheduled for Fri Feb 19 2016 15:00:00