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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Enibukun Adebayo (Cleanace Limited)

Fri 11th Mar 2016

If only we could tell the future and know where our success lies, would life be much easier? This week on enterprise stories, we feature an amazing story of Enibukun Adebayo, who sat for the JAMB examination six times before gaining entrance into the University. He would later build a successful business he was exposed to when his father retired. Enibukun completed his secondary education in 1988 and took the JAMB exam around the same time. He didn’t succeed the first time, which meant he had to wait for another year. Around the same time his father retired and started a small laundry business, Ibukun had attempted the examination 6times, during this period he worked with his father and learnt so much about dry-cleaning business. In 1999, Ibukun graduated from the University and later got a job with Garment Care, where he worked for 4years before setting out on his own with Cleanace dry cleaners solutions limited in 2005. Today, Cleanace employs 107 people with branches across Nigeria and in more recent times, Cleanace has expanded its services to include repairs of shoes, bags and garment. Tune in to enterprise stories this Tuesday 8th March on Inspiration 92.3 FM or log on to edcradioonline.com at 3:00pm to listen to how Enibukun redefined himself and working to achieve the same in the dry-cleaning business.


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