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Enterprise Stories

Femi Olayebi - My World of Bags (MWOB)

Thu 4th Jun 2015

Opportunities abound everywhere! You only need to look more closely. The story of My World of Bag (MWOB) is about how a young lady relocated to Nigeria in search of a translator job and ended up making a fortune producing fashionable bags. Mrs. Femi Olayebi returned from Paris in 1991 after completing a Diploma in Translation. She had anticipated that she would find a translation job in one of the international organizations in Nigeria, however, this did not go as planned, so she engaged herself with tailoring lessons which a friend had offered, little did she know it will later be her calling. A year later, in between temporary translation jobs with ECOWAS and nursing her baby, Femi still felt very dissatisfied with her professional life. One day, Femi went shopping in a popular market in Lagos for a baby bag, she spent hours in the market and could not find an affordable one, she then rushed to a Mothercare shop but unfortunately, she did not like any of the pretty pastel-coloured PVC bags neither could she afford any of them. It was at this time she thought -I can make a bag for my use instead. Femi got busy very quickly and this was how My World of Bags was born.


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