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Enterprise Stories

Matthew Ibadin (Mattson Creations)

Tue 23rd Jun 2015

Is passion the most important ingredient for a successful business? This enterprise story is about Matthew Ibadin, CEO of Mattson Creations who left everything to follow his passion for photography. As a young boy, Matthew was captivated by beautiful scenes and always thought of becoming a shutterbug, but this was something his parents would not have. They were prepping him to go the university and get a job like everyone else. Matthew would take his free time and go to a store close by to check out the camera equipment and look at thousands of photos; he was in love with still images. By the time he was ready to enter the university to study political science, Matthew had raised some money to purchase his first camera. During his four years in the university, Matthew was making enough money to take care of himself, rented a studio and employed 2 staff. Moreover, he was the first to start the popular motion pictures in the university. Today, he owns four fully equipped modern photo studios across Nigeria and employs 40 people. Matthew Ibadin has travelled round the world for exhibitions & training and has also captured many photographs of world leaders. Mattson Creations is now in the final stage of setting up an institute of photography. Has Matthew’s passion been enough for his success? Tune in to Enterprise Stories and listen to Mr. Matthew Ibadin share his story.

This is live show scheduled for Tue Jun 23 2015 15:00:00