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Enterprise Stories - Bunmi Davies

Fri 14th Oct 2016

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature the story of Bunmi Davies; a Banking and Finance graduate turned entertainment guru. Bunmi always had an interest in entertainment right from his days in the university, as an undergraduate, he was organizing shows and events. It was no surprise he registered Afrotainment in 2000 right after graduation and soon after commenced Productions in the year 2002 , he had spotted a gap in the entertainment industry. Bunmi turn entertainment into a money spinner and today his dream has been actualized. Afrotainment production is the brain behind the popular comedy show “Stand up Nigeria”- a platform that has helped discover the new generation of Nigerian comedy stars. Afrotainment has produced nearly 100 shows since inception. In 2011, Bunmi participated in an international film festival competition called VISCOM and out of the 200 participants that entered from Africa for the competition, Stand –up- Nigeria was amongst the three finalists. Aside from organizing events, Afrotainment is also into the production of radio and TV documentaries and film production amongst others. Although Bunmi started and ran the organization alone in the early days, today he has more than 50 people working with him. To know more about the exciting journey of Afrotainment Productions and how he turned his love for comedy to business, tune in to Inspiration 92.3Fm or log on to edcradioonline.com this Tuesday at 3pm.


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