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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Ikeolu Biobaku

Fri 21st Oct 2016

Our guest on Enterprise Stories this week is Mrs. Ikeolu Biobaku, the founder of Mix n’ Bake confectioners – a top confectioneries company in Lagos. Ikeolu had always been passionate about baking and cooking from when she was young, she would try her hands on everything about food to the extent that her father had to buy her an oven at her young age. Home Economics and Food & Nutrition were her best subjects in secondary school. She usually waited with the teachers to clear up after each practical session at school. Despite her glaring passion for baking, her parents wanted her to study Engineering or Accounting in the university but Ikeolu studied Economics at the University of Ibadan. After graduation she worked with one of the banks until she attended a seminar titled” turning your hobby in to business”. This sparked off Ikeolu’s entrepreneurial journey and made her to leave the bank job and pursue her passion. In 1999, she opened up Mix n’ Bake confectioners and worked from her house with her house- help as the only staff. In 2000, Ikeolu, registered her business, Mix n” Bake and the business has blossomed to one of the leading confectionaries with a full- fledged training school. Today, Ikeolu has 36 staff working for her and the mastery of her craft has earned her more than eight exhibitions in Nigeria and also some scholarship trainings abroad. . Tune in to Inspiration 92.3 FM or log on to edcradioonline.com this Tuesday at 3pm to listen Ikeolu share her success story.


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