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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Yetty Williams

Fri 11th Nov 2016

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature the story of Yetty Williams, the founder of lagosmums.com, one of the first online communities for mums and parents raising kids in Lagos. Yetty started Lagosmums.com in the year 2011. The idea came when she started giving birth and there was no locally relevant resource that addressed parents in Nigeria online but there were lots of foreign stuff. Having identified this gap, Yetty started a blog that provides information about parenting in Lagos, kids, finding the right schools, domestic staff etc. Lagosmums.com started as a hobby until a major FMCG company who recognized her niche market and approached her to promote their new product. This was the aha! moment that propelled Yetty to see lagosmums.com as a viable business. Today, lagosmums.com has grown from one staff to 20 staff. Lagosmums.com has a repertoire of mums who rely on them for almost everything. Join us today, Tuesday 8th November on Inspiration 92.3fm or log on to edcradioonline.com to hear the inspiring story of lagosmums.com.


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