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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Omolara Imoowo

Fri 16th Dec 2016

On Enterprise Stories this week, we feature the amazing story of Omolara Imoowo, the founder of Larboni Cakes and Froghurts - a catering company that specializes in desserts and frozen yogurt. Although Omolara studied Economics at the university of Ibadan, she had always wanted to run her own business. Immediately after graduation she started a catering outfit called Sumptuous Meals which she ran successfully with her fiancé (now husband) until she started having babies and had to slow down from work. The period of having of having babies and being a full-time housewife was very excruciating and boring because Omolara knew she could a lot more creative things with herself, but knowing exactly what to do was the challenge. She started a make-up business after taking a few classes in the US but the business did not last because she was not really passionate about make-up. She had to do a total self-examination and decided to follow her passion which cakes and desserts no matter how strenuous it was. This will to make things happen at all cost led to the birth of Larboni Cakes and Forghurts. Starting out with 2 staff, today Larboni has 5 staff and has a huge repertoire of clients such as Silverbird Cinemas, UPDC, Nigerian Bottling Company, Olam NIGERIA limited, SLOT Nigerian limited and a host of others.


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