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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Chioma Ukonu

Fri 23rd Dec 2016

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature the story of Chioma Ukonu the founder of RecyclePoints. RecyclePoints is a waste recycling and social benefit venture that is addressing Nigeria’s waste management crisis. It is an incentive based scheme designed to motivate citizens to recycle by creating value from their everyday waste. People who subscribe to RecyclePoints initiative deposit their home sorted recyclable waste items in exchange for Points. These Points are accumulated and used to redeem cash or household items offered through the iRecycle store. While on vacation in the UK with her partner in 2011, Chioma and her partner decided to research and understand waste management and recycling. They both sought the support of another passionate expert in Waste Management and after 13 months of research they were able to build a viable model for waste recycling cum social enterprise that will suit the Nigerian ethos. The outcome was incorporated in August 2012 and named RecyclePoints. RecyclePoints started operations with 4 staff and today has over 60 staff. RecyclePoints has over 6,500 registered subscribers loyal to its recycling scheme which currently operates in Lagos and Oyo States. Chioma Ukonu just recently won the 2016 Regional Finals of Chivas The Venture


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