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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Lanre Adeleke

Fri 6th Jan 2017

Our first guest on Enterprise Stories this year is a young farmer, Lanre Adekeke, CEO Farmtropoli. A Serial entrepreneur, who though was born into a family of entrepreneurs, identified his entrepreneurial potentials very early in his university days and wasted no time in bringing it to bear. Lanre started a money lending business while in the university and also ran a video game club but realizing that neither the money lending nor the video game business would be sustainable, he decided in 2009 immediately after his graduation to go into poultry farming , a business he grew up to see his parents run successfully. While still nurturing the business, Lanre was lucky to win the Federal government grant in 2012 and this re -engineered the entrepreneurial spirit in him and also helped him to put some structure in place. In 2014, Lanre lost about 80% of his birds that just started laying eggs as a result of an infection but he remained undaunted but determined to succeed. So rather than wallop in misery, he restructured his business by reducing the number of staff, sought extra funding and started all over again. Today, Lanre has seven staff working with him and plans to commence processing and packaging of frozen cut – up chicken very soon. Tune in to Enterprise stories Live this Tuesday on Inspiration 92.3 FM or log on to edcradiononline.com at 3:00pm for another exciting and inspirational story of Lanre Adeleke.


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