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Enterprise Stories

Ubong Akpanette (Ackerley Autos)

Fri 24th Jul 2015

Ubong Akpanette- Ackerley Autos Graduating from University and filled with enthusiasm and passion Ubong couldn’t wait for a stellar career in the Arts and Communication Sector. A graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Uyo, Ubong’s dream got shattered when the Silver-bird Group rejected her for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps. All hopes of working in companies where she could use her talents and skills were dashed and eventually she swallowed the bitter pill and found employment in Germaine Autos one of the new generation automobile sales and maintenance companies in Lagos. As the PA to the GM Finance and Admin, Ubong excelled and within a short time was moved to the Admin department. Grateful but unfulfilled Ubong requested to be moved to the Sales department hoping that she would find the role more rewarding and challenging- and that move was all she needed to realize her talent. After a few years and thousands of nairas in her bank account, Ubong left Germaine to venture out on her own. Our guest this week on enterprise stories is a woman who overcame the challenges of being a novice in a male dominated sector to one who today says her major currency is ‘Trust’. From 70,000 used to purchase a computer, printer and other small office items a few years ago to servicing large corporate organizations’ fleet in 2015, Ubong is indeed not your typical female entrepreneur. Tune to Inspiration 92.3 FM this Tuesday 21st July or log on to edcradioonline.com and listen to Mrs. Ubong Akpanette talk about Theatre Arts, Trust and Tyres!


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