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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Victoria Oluwaseun Philips

Fri 27th Jan 2017

This week on Enterprise Stories, we feature Victoria Oluwaseun Phillips, founder, Victro Concepts & Services Ltd. Victoria started her business about 20 years ago after she lost both parents at an early age while still in JSS1. Victoria grew up with her grandmother who taught her how to sell soup ingredients before she also passed away while she was in SS1. Victoria was forced to fend for herself with her friend Lanre who came to leave with her. They went back to selling pepper which she was doing with her grandmother before she passed away. At this point Victoria moved to Lagos with her Auntie who promised to see her through her secondary education. Unfortunately, her Auntie never enrolled her into any school rather she subjected her to serve her as a maid. This infuriated Victoria so much that she demanded for transport money from her auntie to go back to her village, Ilesha, Osun state. On getting to Ilesha, she couldn’t continue her education because her mates have been promoted to SS2, so Victoria went round doing all sorts of businesses for people to survive. This continued until she re- united with her friend Lanre who introduced her to her brother who eventually introduced Victoria to the bone meal business which she is doing till date. Though Victoria started this business many years ago, she registered it in 2015 and today employs over eight staff and her business has transformed into other aspects of bone business. Tune in to Enterprise Stories this Tuesday on Inspiration 92.3 FM or log on to edcradioonline.com and hear how Victoria managed her business challenges.


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