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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Tobias and Tituus Igwe

Fri 10th Feb 2017

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature the Igwe Brothers, Titus and Tobias Igwe, founders of Speedmeals Mobile Kitchen Ltd, a food delivery services company in Nigeria. There are several reasons why people venture into business, for the Igwe brothers it was clear, if they didn’t do something to earn money they would go hungry after the loss of their father. The Igwe brothers engaged in baking and selling of cakes and snacks after several attempts at menial jobs. In 2004, they got a big break- a wedding cake, which didn’t go so well but they decided to keep at it and went on to acquire catering skills. In 2010, they launched Speedmeals mobile kitchen, this marked the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. The brothers brought innovation into the way food was served.


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