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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Gladys Okoro

Fri 17th Feb 2017

This week on Enterprise Stories, we feature the story of Ms Okoro Gladys, the “Rising Star” in the design industry as profiled by ThisDay and BusinessDay Nigeria. Gladys is the Founder of Brookhouse International Limited, an interior design and renovation company based in Lagos with expertise on custom home building, remodeling, historic renovations, luxury custom homes and green building technologies. The journey has not always been rosy for Gladys, but the drive for unusual success and thirst for good life kept her going. With no privilege of furthering her education and being a single mother she engaged in all sorts of menial jobs, hawked on the streets just to put food on the table. She worked with DW-Muree (an architectural firm) and Afrykey Konsult Limited where she gained experience in management and in 2010 started Brookhouse International Limited. Today, she is well known for the unique and eclectic style she brings to her various projects, including restaurants and bars, modern/luxurious homes, hotel chains and others. Tune in to Inspiration 92.3Fm or log on to edcradioonline.com this Tuesday February 14th to listen to Gladys share her inspiring story.


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