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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Sunmbo Adeoye

Fri 24th Mar 2017

This week on enterprise stories, we feature another exciting entrepreneurial journey. Sunmbo Adeoye left her accounting career to start her own events management business, why leave certain income for uncertainty? In 2008, a mother with 2 kids, she had a lot of responsibility on her shoulder and always pondered on alternative income. She has always had the flare for kiddies parties and decided to give it a go. She registered a business name and used her first son's birthday as the bait, the rest they say was the journey. Today, Esob employs 30 people and has set up a training school for events management. What did she do? When was her take off point? Tune in to enterprise stories on Inspiration 92.3 FM on Tuesday at 3pm to learn more about Sunmbo’s journey to business success.


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