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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Oshone Ikazoboh

Fri 26th May 2017

When you have an innovative idea, don’t hold back – it might just be the next big business. Our story this week conveys this fact. Oshone Ikazoboh is a Co-founder of Zoto; a fast and secure mobile payment solution in Nigeria, licensed by the CBN. With 10 years entrepreneurial experience, Oshone decided to create Zoto which provides people the convenience of making payments wherever while maximizing time. Having successfully managed IT companies and completed several projects for clients including Afrinvest and Nigerian Stock Exchange, Oshone and his team set up Naij.com and grew its network base. In 2015 he started Zoto and within two years he employed over 30 staff and registered over 1 million subscribers on the platform.


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