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Enterprise Stories

Building a Fashion Brand (Davida)

Fri 7th Aug 2015

To succeed in an industry where the opportunity for fast growth is slim, you have to work harder to get attention. A recent MasterCard survey found that more than 35% of Africans considered fashion and accessories spending priorities, Nigerians on the other hand are the only Africans with plans to increase their discretionary spending in the future despite the economy. Spending power in Nigeria means brands need to deliver, and 2 brands that have been delivering despite numerous challenges are Dakova and Davida. DAVID KOLAWOLE VAUGHAN, Founder of DAKOVA brand. Back in high school he loved art related activities and represented his school at numerous debates and fashion shows. That love for fashion in 1986 saw David setting up a shop after acquiring fashion related skills and knowledge in a Fashion Studio, in the UK. Today, he has received over 40 awards including ‘The Nigerian Designer of the year’ 4 times. DAVIDA OKPARAH, Creative Director of DAVIDA is a Barrister by profession, Distinct Shirt Maker by calling she has carved a niche for her Brand as THE authority on shirt making in Nigeria. Her designs have accrued endless encomiums as her excellence hasn't gone unnoticed in several quarters. It is no wonder that the 2004 St. Moritz Style Awards Winner has garnered a cult-like following as many style oriented divas swear endlessly by her designs. In this edition of Enterprise Stories we will be asking our 2 guests how they have been able to weather the stormy waters of building a fashion brand in Nigeria.


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