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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Akingbade Akinmuyiwa

Fri 16th Jun 2017

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature the story of Akingbade Akinmuyiwa and Kunle Bamgboye the founders of Mr. Wells and Harmony Ltd. Akingbade is a trained engineer who has had the passion of starting a bakery for a long time. Earlier he noticed that there was a particular brand of bread that dominated the market, people queued up to get this bread and he longed to have a taste of it and when he did his passion got ignited. He knew he could do something like this or even better. While he was contemplating on how to start Akingbade met someone and as he was sharing his vison with her, he got to know that she is the daughter of a renowned baker in the North. This meeting gave Akingbade and Kunle the opportunity to take some practical classes in her father’s bakery. After the classes, they offered to manage a bakery for some companies in Ilorin so as to fortify their hands-on experience. This decision paid off because in 2015 Akingbade and Kunle set up Wells and Harmony Ltd, a company that produces MR HARMONY bread. They cater for all classes of people and even have their specialized ‘Agege Bread’. Prior to now, Wells and Harmony business went under and closed down but , toady Wells and Harmony is back to business stronger with 12 staff and several distribution channels better.


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