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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Adebanke Adeyemi

Fri 4th Aug 2017

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature Adebanke Adeyemi, the founder of Luxuria Ventures – a corporate and personal gifting company. After her graduation in 2000 from University of Lagos in Mass Communication, Banke worked in one of the popular banks and an Oil and Gas outfit briefly. She also managed a guest house in Lagos but along the line, realised that she was not fulfilled thus, she decided to leave and start her own business that will be flexible and allow her time for her family. Banke found a niche in corporate and personal gifts and in 2011, she registered her company called, Luxuria Ventures. She started the company with just one contract staff but today Banke has four full time staff and numerous interns and contract staff. Banke has attended several exhibitions within and outside Nigeria. Tune in to Enterprise Stories this Tuesday on Inspiration 92.3Fm and edcradioonline.com at 3pmto listen to the successful entrepreneurial journey of Banke Adeyemi.


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