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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Seyi Abolaji

Fri 27th Oct 2017

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature Seyi Abolaji, the Founder/CEO of Wilson’s Juice Company Ltd Wilson’s juice’s story is that of a humble beginning. Seyi started from a small kiosk with 2,000 naira selling homemade hand-squeezed lemonade to students at Covenant University. He would go from hostel to hostel selling his flavor-packed lemonade and before long things got better and he started bottling the juiciest lemons around. Despite the fact that his parents were very well educated, their inability to find good jobs while in the US, triggered Seyi’s entrepreneurial journey. Having spotted a nutritional gap in the beverage sector, he decided to add value by venturing into the production of a healthy juice. Wison’s Juice has participated in several exhibitions, within and outside the country and has recently won the CNBC West African Entrepreneur of the year award. With 48 staff in his employment Wilson Juice has excelled in the beverage sector by promoting great-tasting, healthier and natural beverages. For more on Seyi‘s entrepreneurial journey, tune in to Inspiration 92.3Fm or log on to edcradiionline.com this Tuesday at 3pm.


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