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Enterprise Stories

Ayodeji Adewunmi - (Jobberman)

Fri 21st Aug 2015

An idle mind, they say is in the devil’s workshop, but this enterprise story is about minds that converted their idle time into a multi-million dollar business. In 2009, during the period the universities were on strike, and students left on their own, the trio of Ayodeji, Olalekan and Opeyemi decided it was time to turn an idea that they had toiled with many times into reality -an internet business. Jobberman was the name and the idea was an employment portal, a solution to the problem of job search. This trio had to manage their school work and the new business they had set up, with passion, creativity and planning the hard work paid off. After a year they had investors and set up an office. Today, Jobberman employs 246 people across 10 African countries including Nigeria and has helped over 35,000 people find placements for the last 2 years with over 50,000 unique users each day.


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