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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Adefolake Oki

Tue 21st Nov 2017

This week on Enterprise stories, we feature Adefolake Oki , Founder / CEO Fancy Froots. After her graduation from Yaba College of Technology in 1995 Adefolake, went into buying and selling and at a point in time, she owned a cold room where she sold frozen foods. But a year after going back and forth, she met a friend of hers who advised her to take time off and find her passion and re- launch herself in business. In 2013, an idea came to her to refine the natural drinks made in the North where she grew up into a better and nourishing drink. So, Adefolake started Fancy Froots just by self but today, she has 20 staff working for her with six branches in Nigeria.


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