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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Toyosi Kolawole

Tue 5th Dec 2017

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature Toyosi Kolawole, the founder of Audeo Clothing Co. Ltd - a garment manufacturing and retailing company. Toyosi had been a business management consultant for a long period where she worked with entrepreneurs and investors providing new ventures development and financial advisory services but she felt the urge to build something of her own so she can practice all that she had been preaching. She had always been interested in manufacturing, so she decided conduct a research and discovered that there was a huge gap in garment production in Nigeria. This looked lucrative as most garments were imported in to Nigeria. So, in 2012 she decided after a lot of research and groundwork to start Audeo Clothing Co. Ltd which today employs 35 staff and produces garments for not just the Nigerian market but other parts of Africa. Tune in to Enterprise Stories this Tuesday on Inspiration 92.3Fm or edcradioonline.com at 3pm to listen to how Toyosi took advantage of local production and was able to compete favorably with the foreign market.

This is live show scheduled for Tue Dec 05 2017 15:00:00