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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories ( Joy Igbodike )

Fri 9th Feb 2018

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature Joy Igbodike, the Creative Director of Jaebee Furniture. Joy as a young girl, learnt the trade of furniture making from her mother who was a furniture maker, she spent her free hours after school in the factory learning the craft. After acquiring a degree in Mechanical Engineering, she decided to work with her mother fulltime, she enjoyed making furniture but she soon realize that her friends’ families were unable to afford their products. Her mom’s business catered for high end customers. She began to find new methods where she could still create great furniture but at lower cost so it could be gotten by the average income earner in Nigeria. Her new discoveries weren’t accepted by her mom’s management and so she had to resign. So she started Jaebee Furniture with zero capital and a lot of passion. Today, Jaebee Furniture has grown and has started a furniture school where she trains her students on modern techniques of production, material usage and cost efficiency in creating furniture.


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  • Enterprise Stories ( Joy Igbodike )