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Enterprise Stories - SoFresh

Tue 20th Mar 2018

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature Olagoke Balogun, the Founder of SoFresh - Nigeria’s number one healthy food chain for fresh, delicious nutrient-rich healthy meals. SoFresh was originally founded as Fruitivegies in 2010 to be a modernized Farmer’s Market which was simply a departure from the traditional method of shopping for fresh produce. Goke , was influenced by his early years, which was characterized by eating loads of fresh fruits, vegetables harvested right from their backyard. His drive for starting SoFresh came from a personal desire to change the way people shopped for fresh food. So, he started the business in 2010 and as the business scaled up reasonably in 2013, Goke decided to rebrand the business from Fruitivegies to SoFresh. He also relocated the business from Ogba to Ikoyi. Today, the staff strength of SoFresh has increased from just himself and his wife to 76. Tune in to Enterprise Stories on Inspiration 92.3Fm or log on to edcradioonline.com this Tuesday at 3pm to hear how Goke’s successfully transformed SoFresh.

This is live show scheduled for Tue Mar 20 2018 15:00:00