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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Tolulope Oko-Igaire

Tue 8th May 2018

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature Tolulope Oko-Igaire the founder of Intimate Solution Network - a clinical consulting firm for couples or individuals who wish to resolve or manage emotional or marital conflicts. Tolu started Intimate Solution in 2012 as an online talk show, but she had run several businesses before this. She worked in the bank, ran a boutique, a saloon & spa and ventured into importation business but her passion to help people find answers to their various life questions motivated her to start Intimate Solution. A business she started with just one staff has as at today 9 full time staff. Tune in to Inspiration 92.3Fm or log on to edcradioonline.com this Tuesday at 3pm to listen to Tolu share how she has been able to help people live a happier, productive and fulfilled life.


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