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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Olubunmi Olojo

Tue 5th Jun 2018

This week on Enterprise Stories, we feature Olubunmi Olojo the Founder & CEO of Delightful Affairs - a confectionaries outfit that specializes in the production of bread, cakes and cookies. Olubunmi never had any business experience, she studied Accounting at the College of Technology, Yaba and her entrepreneurial sojourn started when she got married. She partnered with her mother-in-law who was in the clothing business and she found the business world really interesting. Although things were moving pretty well, she had the feeling she should be in the confectionaries. She started baking cookies for her home and soon, interests from outside started coming. A business she started only by herself and with 1,000 naira in 2004, now has over 40 staff in employment. She has served major brands such as MTN and Virgin Nigeria with Delightful Affairs products over the years.

This is live show scheduled for Tue Jun 05 2018 15:00:00