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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Temisan Gambo

Tue 12th Jun 2018

This week on Enterprise Stories we feature Temisan Gambo, the CEO of Abiyamo Food Ltd, owners of ‘FrootyChoos Dried Fruits’ - a company that focuses on producing, packaging and selling of indigenously produced dried fruits as snacks without any preservatives, sweeteners or coloring. Temisan studied Philosophy at the University of Ibadan, she worked in different capacities in Banking, Education and Advertising sectors both in Nigeria and the UK for over 15 years. Her Entrepreneurial flame was ignited after she purchased some packaged dried fruits while in the UK, she loved how they were made and began to research about these delicious snacks. On returning to Nigeria she bought her first machine and starting producing for her home and before long demand started coming from friends, ultimately she had to scale and that gave birth to FrootyChoos dried fruits. She started the business all by herself and today has grown tremendously. She has participated in several exhibitions across the country. Tune in to Enterprise Stories on Inspiration 92.3Fm or log on to edcradioonline.com this Tuesday at 3pm to listen to Temisan’s story.


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