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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Mr. & Mrs. Opawoye

Tue 7th Aug 2018

This week on Enterprise Stories, we feature Mr and Mrs Olusola Opawoye, co-founders of Win-Win Kitchen Limited - a company that specializes in making frozen pastries. The Opawoye’s decided to start Win Win Kitchen Ltd when they went to purchase pastries at Shoprite and were told they had exhausted sales for the day, and this was around 11am, they were surprised- so what happens the remaining hours of the day? Instantly they knew this was an opportunity they should capitalize on. They met with the personnel at Shoprite and started supplying all Shoprite stores in Nigeria. At a point the observed that they were experiencing spoilage of some of their products that weren’t sold within a day, this prompted them to research and the result was to start frozen pastries. Win-Win Kitchen is the pioneer in the production of frozen pastries and today the business has grown immensely.


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