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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Oladotun Olusola

Tue 23rd Oct 2018

“Neccesity they say is the mother of all Inventions” … this is the story of Oladotun Olusola our guest on Enterprise Stories this week. Oladotun Olusola CEO glass.com.ng is a graduate of the University of Lagos and worked as a young architect in a design / building firm during his mandatory masters course where he rose to the position of Contract Manager. However, the recession caused the firm to close up. Dotun had always thought of running his own business profitably during his university days but the recession hastened his decision to set up his business. In 2016, Dotun registered glass.com.ng with the initial deposit of his first client. Today, glass.com.ng is thriving and is exploring partnerships in Ghana and Kenya.


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