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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Ata Ashiru (InkHearts Studios)

Fri 9th Oct 2015

Building the right hobbies as you grow has its rewards. This week on Enterprise Stories, we will be sharing the story of Ata Ashiru who left her top paying job at Aon Hewitt and Deloitte Consulting in the United States for Nigeria, to create wealth from her hobby. Ata was getting ready for her wedding in 2007 so, she decided to design the special invitations cards herself as fine arts was a hobby she enjoyed growing up. Soon after, family and friends commented about how wonderful the invitation card design was, and started making requests for designs. As a result of this, Ata got quite a number of orders, but one of these orders started her entrepreneurial journey. In June 2008, Mrs. Ashiru got a call to design and print 700 personalized invitations cards. The order tasked her creativity, but was a success. This marked a turning point for Ata as she left her full time job, and decided to incorporate a business. Today, Ata Ashiru has opened a design studio in Ikoyi, Lagos, catering to a unique upper market segment in Nigeria and around the world. Ink Hearts currently employs 10 people and has tripled her income over the years. Mrs. Ata Ashiru has a first degree in International Business from the Clark Atlanta University, and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, USA.


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