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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Ayodeji Anubi (Eden Juice)

Fri 16th Oct 2015

Necessity is the mother of invention / creation, the story of Eden Juice is a clear example. In this week’s episode of enterprise stories, we will connect a lawyer, his mum’s health, a partnership and a successful business, but how you may ask! In 2010, Ayodeji graduated from the University of Leicester, UK and returned to Nigeria the following year to start a Law school programme in Lagos. Around this same period he started making fresh fruit juices for his diabetic mother regularly. As friends visited them at home, he would also serve them the fresh juice and the feedback was amazing. One day, a guest offered to pay for a delivery of the fresh juice. This triggered the idea of going into the production of variety of non- processed fresh juices and smoothies. Ayodeji soon partnered with Patrick, a friend from the University and the rest was history. Today, Eden Juice produces and supplies 10,000 bottles of fresh juice daily and employs 18 people.


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