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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Folawiyo Abiodun (Shoespeed)

Fri 25th Dec 2015

This week’s enterprise stories features Abiodun Folawiyo CEO of Shoespeed. He left his accounting practice to start a shoe making business and went on to inspire and train thousands of young people to do the same. Abiodun grew up in an academia family, his father was a Professor in the University, and wanted Abiodun to follow in his footstep. However, he had a secret that he kept very close to his heart, his love for shoes. As a kid, Abiodun was always given the chore of polishing shoes for his father and older siblings, he was always fascinated with the transformation of the shoes, he always enjoyed the chore. Abiodun made the first pair of shoes in his early university year and the outcome made him decide to make this a career. In 2005, Abiodun decided to take his passion to the next level by registering Shoespeed, he lost his father that year and this further propelled the dream of becoming a shoemaker. Today, Shoespeed employs 20 full time staff and recently signed an agreement with an Italian shoe manufacturing company to set up a factory in Nigeria. Abiodun's father wanted him to be a professor of accounting, but he is now a professor of shoe making. He has now set up an academy teaching 500 young people annually in the art of shoe making. Tune in to Inspiration FM 92.3 or log on to edcradioonline.com and listen to the story of how Abiodun Folawiyo became the professor of shoe making.


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