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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Damilola Solesi (Smids Animation)

Fri 8th Jan 2016

Happy New Year, On Enterprise stories this week, we connect a young girl, video games & cartoons and a successful animation business . Damilola Solesi is the founder/ Creative Director of Smids Animation Studios Limited but never imagined that the love she developed as a young girl for video games and cartoons would become a real business. As a kid, Damilola would spend hours watching cartoons and playing video games, she was fascinated with the characters and often wondered how they were created. Her interest in video games and cartoons continued upto her university days, where she studied computer science, however her interest took a different turn, she was now interested in creating her own animated characters. Today Damilola employs 18 people and has received several grants and awards, some of them include- fellow of Mandela Washington 2015, President Barack Obama flagship program for young Africans, she got grants from the US Development Fund and the YOUWIN women grant


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