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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Temitope Oluwadare (Detailed Restorers)

Fri 22nd Jan 2016

This week on Enterprise Stories, we feature the story of a lady who started out in a not- for- profit organization but ended up with a profit making business. After Temitope Oluwadare’s graduation from her master’s degree program in 2002, she couldn’t get a job for two years; she soon got restless and decided to volunteer for a not- for- profit organization that provides shelter and care for homeless people. Temitope had no inclination that this decision would set the chain of events that would give birth to her business. While Temitope was working as a volunteer, she often wondered how she could find a lasting solution to the sad situation; she soon gained employment and left the volunteer work. One day, Temitope had a light bulb moment, the idea was to start a cleaning business and recruit the people she worked with while volunteering to do the work, as they need no qualification for the job and this was how Detailed Restorers came to be. Today Detailed Restorers with Temitope Oluwadare as the CEO employs almost a 100 people and services 25 locations with several multinationals as customers. Temitope is a Goldman Sachs scholar and mentors hundreds of young people.


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