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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Tolu Erogbogbo (Cookie Jar)

Fri 5th Feb 2016

Mothers are a true blessing, this week on enterprises stories we feature the story of how a mother’s advice led to her son becoming a successful chef. Tolu Erogbogbo always had an entrepreneurial mindset and as soon as he graduated in 2009, he set up the first business which he sold 2 years after to start another business in real estate and alternative energy. He ran the business with his brother inlaw but within a short period it folded up. This frustrated and left him idle for some time. While he was pondering on what to do next, he had a dream about baking cookies, but didn’t understand what it meant. During the ‘’Occupy Nigeria’’ protests that left all Nigerians locked at home, he called his mum and poured his heart out and mentioned the dream, her response was Tolu, "go and bake me some cookies". Tolu grabbed a cook book, headed for the kitchen and the rest as they say is history. This was the birth of Cookie Jar. Today, Cookie Jar employs 47 people and is a leading dessert restaurant in Nigeria.


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