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The Economy & You

The Economy&You - Remi Ogunmefun

Thu 10th Mar 2016

Manufacturing sector is very relevant to the development of any nation. The concept of its sustainability for business and economy in transition like ours is very critical and cannot be overemphasized. In Nigeria, the sub-sector is responsible for about 10% of total GDP annually and in terms of employment generation, manufacturing activities account for over 12 per cent of the labour force in the formal sector of the nation’s economy. The global fall of oil price and the instability of the economy have necessitated a rise on government’s support for industrialization and diversification. Despite its enormous potential, the sector is seriously facing challenges partly due to over dependent on external sector for the supply of raw materials, machineries, new technologies that are tied to foreign exchange and also due to lack of adequate finance. Join us as Mr Remi Ogunmefun, a seasoned executive with experience in management leadership functions, 32 years work experience as a legal practitioner, manager, administrator and director in diverse sectors of the economy and currently the Director General of the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria( MAN) discusses holistically on the sector and how to tackle some of the challenges to help revive the economy.


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