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The Economy & You

The Economy and You (Antti Ritvonen)

Thu 9th Mar 2017

When you consider the hierarchy of human needs food is a top priority. Man has therefore since time immemorial farmed. Farming therefore became a science such that it is studied with the aim to improve volumes and varieties. Some countries are able to feed themselves and export special crops; others are able to produce those crops which define the national staple. In Nigeria, the general perception is that we have lost prominence in certain produce, and have come to depend on importation for key crops/produce, which with some focus, can be farmed in Nigeria. Given the mono-product base of our economy, the agricultural sector, according to the experts, has the potential to diversify the country’s economy, create a significant number of small & medium businesses across the agricultural value-chain, ensure food security and create a new line of foreign exchange earnings. For the agricultural sector to grow and reach its full potentials, deliberate steps need to be taken – steps, which are not limited to increased access to funding for farmers, value-add industrial creation, introduction of innovative agricultural technologies and massive education of the youths about the entire agriculture value chain. In this episode of The Economy and You, Mr. Antti Ritvonen the Country Manager of Dizengoff Nigeria, will be shedding light on the huge potentials of the Agricultural sector.


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