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The Economy & You

The Economy and You ( Yewande Sidaku)

Thu 11th May 2017

The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) is a Federal Government Agency established by the NIPC Act N0. 16 of 1995,to promote, co-ordinate and monitor all investments in Nigeria. The NIPC has been at the centre of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s efforts to diversify her economy and move away from overreliance on theoil and gas sector by providing a fertile ground for investments. The NIPC has created a One-Stop Investment Centre as a strategy to streamline investment procedures, provide prompt, efficient and transparent services and coordinate investment-facilitating agencies. Statistics has shown that Nigeria in the last four years spent about N30trn importing goods from all over the world, with the bulk of the goods streaming in from China. In view of this record, theFederal Government, through the NIPC has begun to prioritize domestic direct investment. Join the Executive Secretary of the NIPC, Ms. Yewande Sadiku on the Economy and You, as she discusses NIPC’s strategies in helping the SMEs meet Foreign Investors and also develop theeconomy and drive industrialization in Nigeria.


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