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The Economy & You

The Economy and You (Paul Orajiaka.)

Thu 16th Mar 2017

A good number of SME’s get to a stage where the pertinent question becomes “How do I grow? The challenge is usually seen as solvable by funding. However, it has been shown that mere availability of funds does not result to growth, as getting funds at a high cost, improper determination of the amount required, and a lack of focus on value-driven growth can lead to troubles. Oftentimes, SME’s are impatient and want to vault to a larger size. The absence of proper planning, phased growth, and careful consideration of resource use is prevalent in the sector. In spite of the seeming difficult times, growth is possible when phased, and carefully considered. Given the present state of the economy, SME’s need to not just survive, but also strive to grow their business. Our guest today Mr. Paul Orajiaka, the Chief Executive Officer of Auldon Limited and an alumnus of London Business School, IESE Barcelona amongst others, found himself at a crossroads once and decided to out-source part of the production of his Unity toys so as to reduce the production costs. There are lessons to learn from the challenges that he overcame.


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