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The Economy & You

The Economy and You (Ade Sofola)

Thu 3rd Aug 2017

With most of today’s economies being unable to provide sufficient employment opportunities, non-governmental organizations are now fostering creativity and employability among students through entrepreneurship programs. This is why organizations such as Junior Achievement of Nigeria (JAN) came up to inspire and educate young people to become conscientious business leaders. So far, JAN has built the capacity of many students in getting them ready for the workforce and enterprise. Given the role of young people in shaping the world's economy and the fact that Nigeria has the largest generation of youths in Africa, there is a growing need to the job- seeking mindset of the Nigerian youths by exploring alternatives to job-creation strategies. Join us this Sunday on The Economy and You as Mrs Ade Sofola, Director of Programs at JAN discusses how JAN is empowering the young leaders through fostering entrepreneurial culture that will nurture the doers and dreamers of the next generation.


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  • The Economy and You (Ade Sofola)