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The Economy & You

The Economy and You (Helen Emore)

Thu 24th Aug 2017

There is no gain saying that Agriculture contributes greatly to any economy. The value chain in this industry range from farming to processing, retail and export to mention but a few. From the agro-processing value chain in Nigeria alone, opportunities for export abound where the foreign exchange earned is re-invested into the economy which acts as a catalyst for market expansion for even the non-agricultural sectors. Although agro-processing is a thriving value chain in the agriculture sector, there are issues that bother around costs of governance, power irregularities, regulations, and logistics amongst many others. Join us this Sunday on The Economy and You as our guest, Ms. Helen Ese Emore, a Business & Project Development Consultant and Founder, Aunty Helen Foods Processing Limited, discusses the opportunities in agro processing and solutions to the inherent challenges.


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