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The Economy & You

The Economy and You - (Tomi Okunsipe)

Thu 21st Dec 2017

As the retail industry is relaxing in what is predicted to be a profitable holiday shopping season, we look to the year ahead, working to stay ahead of consumer trends, emerging technologies, and disruptive changes. Despite all the hypes about the recessions, retail is not dead but thriving, and 2018 promises to hold a few new trends that will add up to an exciting year. In this episode, our Guest Mr. Tomi Okusipe, CEO of Secoya Limited will be looking at the forecast of retail sales growth in 2018 and the opportunities in the sector. Welcome to The Economy and You powered by First Bank of Nigeria in association with Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan- Atlantic University. My name is Olawale Ajiboye , welcome to the program, Mr. Tomi Okusipe


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