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The Economy & You

The Economy&You - Adetunji Adegbesan

Thu 29th Oct 2015

The New Economy is without a doubt, Digital and it’s already transforming nations. Here in Nigeria, adoption has been quite rapid but more indigenous “problem-solving innovation” needs to be rolled out if we are to optimize the potential of the mobile services sector. Imagine being able to predict not just the best route to your destination, but the best time to embark on the journey if you were to avoid traffic! Well, mobile service is about to change the way we think and interact! Join us on another exciting episode of The Economy and You! as Dr. Adetunji Adegbesan – an Electronic Engineer, Academic, Strategic Management expert and the Founder / CEO of Gidi Mobile passionately unveils how mobile services is the next BIG thing that will radically change our world. Don’t miss it!


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