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The Economy & You

The Economy&You - Richard Borokini

Thu 31st Dec 2015

Risks are inevitable. In business, these risks are inherent and SMEs must identify them, understand their peculiarities and how to mitigate them. In this episode, we will be focusing ONLY on insurable risks which are a subset of risks inherent in running a business. Risk against loss of business premises, work men injury and employees running away with your hard earn money! In developed economies, certain businesses can never commence operation without insuring against product and public liability risks. These are some of the insurable risks that can totally bring a business on its knees making it gasp for air. Join us as Mr. Richard Borokini – A Sociologist, Chartered Insurer, Lawyer and MD of Royal Exchange General Insurance Company Limited walks us through insurable risks that ensure we do not start from ground zero if and when risks occur.


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