The Economy and You (Rev. Sunday Folayan)

Did you know that Nigeria loses N127bn yearly to cases of Internet frauds across all sectors of theeconomy and N10 billion annually on hosting domain names abroad? Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA), a self-regulating body that manages the .ng national resource has said that it is focused on championing the course of ensuring that Nigerians begin to inculcate the culture of registering everything in .ng domain name and then check thecapital flight that goes with hosting such domain name aboard. With 99% of what NiRA has registered being hosted outside Nigeria, the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has mapped out strategies to deal with issues of internet abuse by various forms of arrangements. Join us this Sunday on” The Economy and You” as the President of NiRA, Rev. Sunday Folayan, will be in the studio to talk more about NiRA , its efforts in identifying those contributing to the growth of domain name registration and the promotion of the DNS Industry. Date: Sunday 11th June, 2017

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