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Enterprise Stories - Bolaji Osime (Global International College)

There is no gainsaying that the reform of any economy’s education system is critical for global competitiveness. This week on Enterprise Stories, we feature Mrs. Bolaji Osime, a multipreneur with diverse interest in the area of education. Bolaji is the Founder of ‘Global International College’ and ‘Strategic Offshore Placement Nigeria Limited’ among many others. Inspired by the prevailing societal challenges that Nigerians faced in the 90’s with securing admission into UK universities, Mrs. Osime, was propelled to set up an academy – Global International College - to bridge this gap. With dint of hard work, today, this educational academy which started in 1999 with one staff, has grown its staff base to 150 and graduated 2,000 students with successful placement of 50% of this population in UK universities. Unsatisfied with the state of education in Nigeria and its effect on the dwindling economy, in 2007, Bolaji founded Strategic Offshore Placement Nigeria Limited which provides strategic solutions to educational shortcomings in Nigeria. To this end, Mrs. Osime has served in many capacities such as Consultant to the Minister of Education for 4 years; Team Leader, Transformation Team for Education, Economy and Competiveness; Lead Consultant, EKO SESP Project. One of her remarkable landmarks is the development and review of a ten year education sector plan and a three year education sector operational plan for Lagos State’s Ministry of Education. An innovator and educationist per excellence Bolaji, believes that success only comes when you ‘get up, dare to try and just keep on trying!’ Tune in to Enterprise Stories this Tuesday, March 1, 2016 on Inspiration FM 92.3, or log on to edcradioonline.com to hear how Mrs. Bolaji Osime was able to make some giant strides in the Nigerian educational sector.


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