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Enterprise Stories

Enterprise Stories - Eseoghene Odiete (Hesey Designs)

Failure is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on the side of the coin you look at it. This week we feature the story of Eseoghene Odiete whose attempt in a business plan competition didn’t go as planned but propelled her for greater success. Eseoghene Odiete, is the founder & Creative Director of Hesey Designs, a fashion accessories business. In 2013, Ese started her business with little experience right after graduation from the university. She was using African fabrics to make fashion accessories with high quality. In 2014, she applied for a business competition but wasn’t successful, this experience propelled Ese and made her even more determined to succeed. Today, Ese has grown the business, employs 7 full time staff and has been named one of Africa’s 25 best entrepreneurs under 25 in 2015, 40 under the Nigerian entrepreneurs by B12 watching, winner in British Council Enterprise challenge, winner, google Africa Connected awards in 2014. She was made brand influencer for Sprout by HP and also part of the Coca Cola a billion reason to believe in Africa Campaign. She even designed Richard Branson’s shoes, for Virgin Atlantic 30th Anniversary. Ese also now has a speaking engagements locally and internationally and has now set up a Centre to encourage other young Africans. But how did she get to this point.


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  • Enterprise Stories - Eseoghene Odiete (Hesey Designs)